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June 22nd 2019

Due to other commitments I have not had the time to update this site as much as I would have liked. All being I will be spending more time in the workshop and will publish updates in a more timely fashion.

Some Commision have been completed and finished pictures will be added to the "Gallery" page as soon as possible.

November 9th 2017

The Hall has been finished and will be going to Ian Rathbone for painting. More photos have been added but I can't find the last batch (so much junk on the PC), I'll post as soon as I find them.

Various other work (not yet documented) has been taking place, in amongst which I managed a week's holiday.

September 14th 2017

Due to personal circumstances plus Telford and Swindon exhibitions, progress has been pitifully slow.

The GCR 9N been completed and sent to Warren Sheppard for painting and lining.

April 26th 2017

A Rhymney Railway "S1" class test build has been built and finished, this a 88D Models kit. It didn't feature in "in my workshop" however there are pictures in the Gallery section.

The 56xx has been completed, photos in gallery.

The GWR Hall tender is complete. Work on the chassis and body is on goiing.

The Midland Compound has been a bit of a pig to get the working inside valve gear in to. The valve gear would not have been a problem had the loco been built to Scale7 standards, giving the extra frame width. Anyhow, I continue to move forward all be it slower than I would prefer.

The next project is a GCR 9N which commence as as the Hall is ready to be sent to Ian Rathbone for painting.

March 10th 2017

The 8H has been re-united with its owner.

The 56xx is just waiting for tank decals and then its complete.
The GWR 72xx is finished and delivered to the owner.

Another Barry Railway "A" class has been built and finished, it didn't feature in "in my workshop". However there are pictures in the Gallery section.

The Midland Compound progresses and photos will be displayed shortly.

December 14th 2016

The 8H has returned from Warren Haywood, I just need to put the finishing touches to the chassis.

Robert of CRT Kits has been most helpful and furnished a set of sets for the 56xx, what a God send. All being well the Loco should enter the paint shop next week.

Following the GWR 72xx successful test run and some slight adjustments, all that is now required is a touch up of the chassis and we should be good to go.

The Midland Compound is making progress, i have made several mods which i will outline in due course.

I appologise for the poor quality of the latest photos, taken in a rush, just show there is progress in the workshop.

July 12th 2016

The GCR 8H is now ready for painting and the Body has been sent to Warren Haywood, whilst the chassis will be painted "in house".

The GWR 56xx has made steady progress and the next challenge is to "scratch build" some steps.

The GWR 72xx has been successfully test run. The Cylinders and various clearances have been a little testing and necessitated turning various bushes and spacers. (pictures to follow)

This would not have been possible had I not purchased a new lathe. I choose a Proxxon PD400, the main reason was it came with a number of accessaries as standard, cast iron bed and is capable of accepting a milling attachment at a later date. Lastly but not least - a friend who actually makes and modifies machine tools gave it a green light.

April 29th 2016

As well as working on the MR Compound and GCR 8H, I have been progressing the 72xx.

You may or may not be aware that these locos were known to "curve shy" and as such were banned from many yards and sidings. This kit is true to the prototype and I'm finding I need to make several alterations in an attempt to get it to negotiate a 5 foot radius. I will keep you informed as to my success!

I'll be at Reading show next weekend, if anybody wants a chat just let me know.

April 15th 2016

I've had a very busy few months, what with Christmas. Birthdays, exhibitions, operating 82G, not to mention work. With everything that has been going on the web site has taken a back seat, I have managed to update the "In my Workshop" section today and more photos will follow.

One of my friends who is 20+ years my senior makes his way to his loft nearly every day and operates his layout to schedule in a prototypical way. His layout was conventional DC, but he asked me to convert some his locos to DDC. Whilst one can't get the full benefit of all the functions, you can get the chuffs on DC.

During the last week I have installed a DDC radio unit for him which means no more long umbilical cable dragging around the loft floor. It wasn't necessary to re-wire, simply to leave all the section switches on! This means that while I’m converting the rest of his stock of locos he even has the option to switch between the 2 systems if he so wishes. If you would like more information then send me an E-mail.

November 11th 2015

The last few months have been a little hectic to say the least. To top it all I have just been to China for a long holiday, great place but the "Jet Lag" is a killer. At this moment I'm in the process of trying to create more workshop space whilst finishing a few orders.

As a part of this plan I'm converting a small outbuilding into a paint shop. I decided a while back that spraying cellulose in the workshop was not a good idea. To these ends I’ve invested in a spray booth, large capacity compressor and a new Iwata Revolution TR2 Airbrush. This will have the capacity to spray larger areas whilst still being able to do the fiddly bits.

May 25th 2015

Just spent an enjoyable weekend helping operate 82G at Railex. Despite my previous prediction, they appeared happy to invite me to another upcoming show.

Paul Bambrick visited on Sunday, so I pushed the new camera in his direct and took advantage of his keen eye for detail. (pictures to follow)

I'm off to Cleckheaton this weekend as I'm the vicinity and have a client to meet, I will meet up again with John and Nigel from 82G as they are helping out there.

May 14th 2015

Last Saturday I visited the ALSRM show at Reading for the first time to pick up another loco to build. To my surprise I found a good selection of traders and some interesting layouts.

Today I took the plunge and purchased a new Camera, for anyone interested a Canon SX60HS. The latest pictures for the 57xx & Barton Tank were taken using this, hopefully my skills will improve.

I'm off to Railex this weekend to "help out" with 82G, an invitation they may yet regret!!

May 1st 2015

Another great get together with a group of friends for a running session at BucksHill. Camera/phone is getting worse by the day, so I think the next thing on my shopping list needs to be a new camera.

Anyway for what its worth below is a photo a Barry Railway A class being given a final test before going to the "finishing shop". This is from a David Andrews kit and is fitted with ABC Gears power unit and will be DCC controlled.

  • April 12th 2015

    Over the weekend I got together with a group of friends for a running session at BucksHill. Paul was particularly taken by a copy of a GWR plan outlining proposed track alterations at Pontralis, upon which Bucks Hill is based.